Competence that comes from afar.

Today Fonderia di Castenedolo is one the first cast iron foundries in Italy and a well-established reality at European level, specialized in large size cast iron castings for the steel industry, both in lamellar graphite cast iron and nodular cast iron, and capable of producing single pieces as well as small series.

The foundry’s head office, located in Castenedolo on the outskirts of Brescia, is conveniently served by the main transport routes and extends for more than 280.000 m2 of which 20.000 are covered. The plant features a maximum production capacity of 25.000 T per year of grey, lamellar and nodular cast iron, with castings up to 40 T per single pouring in nodular cast iron and up to 110 T in grey cast iron, the maximum reachable weight for each single piece is 110 T. Castings are processed by an electric induction melting 50 T furnace, a second melting 65 T furnace and an electric 25 T crucible furnace.


Growing since 1938.

Fonderia di Castenedolo offers the exclusive advantage of a historical and also very up-to-date competence in the cast iron processing.


Certified quality and sustainability.

The protection of resources and territory characterizes the philosophy of Fonderia di Castenedolo, in the matter of sustainable development and respect for the environment. All the strictest European standards are complied and encouraged. Thanks to the absolute excellence of each phase and production process, of the different activities and the final products, Fonderia di Castenedolo is among the Italian foundries which obtained all the most prominent international quality attestations and recognitions, such as the EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification and the CER Waste Collection Permit.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Certification in 1998 UNI ISO9002/today ISO 9001:2015.

CER Waste Collection Permit

CER Waste Collection Permit 100299-100399-150104- 170405-191001-191202


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